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Learn How To Lose Weight, Tone Up, And Gain Muscle WITHOUT Cutting Carbs Or Calories

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This Challenge Is For You If: 

  • If you are keeping those bigger clothes in the closet because you are scared you may need them again.
  • If you already eat healthy, exercise, and feel "STUCK" and are ready to break the plateau!
  • ​If you feel like you are trapped in someone else's body and you don't know what to do.
  • If you want to fully understand how to customize your macros (Protein, carbs, and fat) to your lifestyle.

If you said "YES" to any of the above then The 21 Day Challenge is designed for you.  Become the envy of your friends, regain the looks that you love seeing in the mirror, the body your spouse loves seeing in the bedroom and the energy your kids will love when you become the ‘super-parent’ who has fun adventures with them again! 

Meet Your New Mentor, Trainer & Coach

Hey! I'm Luke 
(AKA The Carb King & Owner of AnatoME Fitness)
Losing weight and toning our is my specialty and AnatoME Fitness.  I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and in that time I have won Best Male Transformation along with helping 100's of people just like you feel confident again without cutting their carbs or caloires.

The hardest part of losing weight and breaking through plateaus is information overload.  All of these "gurus" out there telling you to flip your life upside down just to lose a couple pounds.  As you now know that is not sustainable.  I will teach you how to eat real food and get real results without the bounce back weight gain.  Just like my client Daniela who is down over 130 pounds and has kept it off for over 2 years! She still eats her tortillas...

The 21 Day Challenge at AnatoME Fitness will do exactly as it says.  I am going to show you a proven way to lose all the fat on your body while loving every part of it.  You will no longer have to hide at home.  By the end of 21 days you will even learn how to eat out and drink alcohol while staying on your plan.  You will love your results and your life!

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today

 Our Proven Macro Strategy 

Our unique proven strategy on how to structure your day so that you can truly eat ANYTHING you want and still lose weight/tone up.  You no longer have to bring your own food to parties or cook 3 meals for dinner.

 Proven Food List

The proven food list is your go-to list for the challenge.  This has all the foods to create the best results.  I'll be teaching you the real reason why you choose some foods over others. 

Meal Plans

Want to just be told what to eat?  We have meal plans that fit all types of people.  It doesn't matter how you like to eat.  I'll help you customize your plan throughout the 21 days.

 Supplemental Guidance

Did you know that it takes 9 oranges in today's world to get the same nutrients that one orange used to give us?  It is crucial to not only eat the right way, but to also supplement the right way.

 Daily Video Interaction

Every day I have a video to share with you to help you every step of the way. I will be teaching you nutrition, fitness, and mindset while answering your questions and holding you accountable.


Did you know if you have an overweight friend that makes you 57% more likely to be overweight?  The same works the other way around too.  Join a community that puts that 57% in your favor.

Plus, Receive These Limited Time Bonuses!

 6 Breakfast Shakes

Our you anything like us and feel like you are always in a rush in the morning?  No longer do you need to skip breakfast or grab the unhealthy choices.  We will set you up with 6 quick and easy shakes you can make on the go.

 5 Meal Preps

You will receive 5 meal preps from our very own Daniela (who is down 130 pounds) and her business MacroDlicious.  She will create 5 tasty nutritonal meals for you to eat the first week.

Here is a recap of what you get when you join the

21 Day Challenge

  • Proven Macros Strategy (Valued at $2997)
  • Proven Food List (Valued at $497)
  • Meal Plans (Valued at $299)
  • ​Workout Routines (Valued at $499)
  • Daily Videos (Valued at $149)
  • ​Supplemental Guidance (Valued at $99)
  • ​Community (Priceless)
  • Meal prep and shakes (Valued at $200)

Total Value: $5537


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Times and how often can I come?

Our current bootcamp times are 5am, 9am, 5pm, 7pm.  You will have unlimited classes.  As long as you can make it 2-3x a week, you will reach any results you desire.

How Much Is It?

You have two options.  You can purchase the 21 day challenge by itself for $299.  Or you can commit to save money.  We both know you won't reach your goals in 21 days, that is just a good start.  So you can get a membership for $49.99 week with just a 12 week commitment.  After the 12 weeks it goes to month to month.

What happens after the challenge?

The first 21 days our goal is to get you started with macronutrients and learning how to use them for your goals.  Once the 21 days is over, you are then handed a personal 1 on 1 macro coach who will customize your nutrition for you each week as well as hold you accountable to it for best results.  You also continue to have unlimited bootcamp membership.

Do I Have To Spend Money On Anything Else?

You will need a food scale as well as a people scale.  In the challenge I will show you how to use these tools to lose the weight you want for good. If you don't have these you can find cheap ones on Amazon.

How Long Is The Challenge?

This is a 21 day challenge.

Can I Eat__ ?

By the end of 21 days you will know how to eat anything you want without sacrificing your results.  Simply follow our proven plan and over the course of 21 days you will blast the fat off your body.

How Is This Different Than Anything Else?

I am going to showing you how to customize your Macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) with my unique formula.  It will be 100% customized to you so that you can maintain long lasting results.
YES, I want daily training, live coaching and accountability from Day 1 to Day 21

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Let's Lose The Weight Once & For ALL

We're going to do this together...

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